Music to transform your life

Dear Friend,


Imagine if your Soul could sing a song to you, reminding you of who you truly are. A song filled with music that knows your journey, past, present and future. As you listen to the music, it...


Clears out all the inner blocks and baggage with gentleness, dissolving the stuck places and creating more space


Invites forth more of your gifts, creativity, intelligence and wisdom into that space


Opens you beyond all time and space, beyond all past and present, into the Infinite You, the You that knows your Soul Purpose


Elevates and aligns you with the highest frequencies of health, longevity and abundance


Shows you how to manifest your potential and become the Master of your own Destiny



Soul Masterpiece

A Song From Your Soul To Your Soul

That Awakens You To The

Masterpiece Of Your Life

What Is A Soul Masterpiece?


A Soul Masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind creation made with intention, just for you. It is a potent piece of music that has within it the power to elevate your energy, vibration and frequency to states of greater harmony and alignment with your Divine Destiny.


A Soul Masterpiece acts like a key: it unlocks all of your potential. It is affirming and transforming at the same time.


A Soul Masterpiece also serves as a catalyst: it reminds you of your Soul Purpose and how to live it NOW. It helps you get out of your own way so you can create all that you truly desire.


A Soul Masterpiece is composed of channeled music and Light Language.


About The Channeled Music:


Robert Haig Coxon, world renowned composer and artist, channels music that reflects the essence of your Soul. His music goes beyond any hidden baggage, any underlying personal belief systems and directly influences your being, your cellular structure, your self-confidence and your destiny in a very positive way.


About The Light Language:


Lilly Wong, channel and creator of consciousness-raising tools, channels Light Language, which are high vibrational messages from the Universe. These messages come in the form of vocals (Sacred Sound) and visuals (Sacred Codes) and assist you in elevating your consciousness.


Channeled Music + Light Language = Your Soul Masterpiece


Lilly and Robert see what your Soul requires to remember, heal and transform. The music and Light Language they create work together synergistically, unlocking old limiting patterns and unleashing more possibilities in your life.


The music infuses you with a sense of the Infinite and the deep knowing that anything is possible. It reveals to you your Soul Purpose and how to manifest it so you can...


Live The Life The Infinite Desires For


Your Soul Masterpiece



Who Is A Soul Masterpiece For?


We believe that a Soul Masterpiece can benefit anyone living on the earth at this time. We are in such huge transition, personally and collectively. A Soul Masterpiece opens the way for you to, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” (Gandhi).


A Soul Masterpiece is for you if:


● You desire healing: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually

● You desire greater confidence so rather than being afraid to move forward, you affirm for yourself, “Yes! I can do it!”

● You desire greater passion and excitement for life

● You desire opening your heart and feeling self love and compassion for yourself (and are ready to put an end to judgment and self-criticism once and for all)

● You desire living your Soul Purpose, manifesting your potential and experiencing True Wealth and abundance


It may also be a perfect time for you to receive a Soul Masterpiece if:

● You’re looking to consciously conceive, are already pregnant or have a newborn and wish to gift this new being with the greatest gift of all: their Soul Masterpiece 

● You’re recently divorced, separated or broken up and wish to Remember who you are beyond all those old patterns, grief and heartbreak 

● You desire a sacred romantic relationship and know you need to raise your frequency to attract a new kind of partner 

● You’re struggling with chronic disease, health issues or other ailments and wish to experience more ease and enjoyment in your body and life overall

● You’re “birthing” a new project and want to ensure its success


Ready to live the life you truly desire?


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“(My Soul Masterpiece) benefits my body, spirit and mind. I no longer just listen to the music, I surrender, allow it to take over, change me and improve my entire being. Through the Soul Masterpiece, I allow the true nature of my highest self to manifest its glory.”

~ Lila A.


“Listening to my Soul Masterpiece is like hearing a Soul connection I had been missing. It connects me to my Soul more quickly and deeply, while allowing me to cleanse away the emotional, mental and physical pain. The Sacred Codes are like a special visual created from my DNA, reflecting my essence. I see my place in the Universe. I always get a sense of HOME when I listen to my Soul Masterpiece”. ~Janet Scerra


“In listening to my Soul Masterpiece, I access more inner depth. I feel more confident in healing my emotional pain. I connect more with myself and experience more harmony. I sleep with greater tranquility. I have activated my potential and healing gifts. Many thanks!”

~ Carmen

How Does A Soul Masterpiece Work?


Even when it doesn’t seem like it, everything is moving towards harmony in the Universe. If you were to play some disco music right now, you’d most likely want to get up and dance. Your body wants to vibrate at that 120 beats/minute song.


This is how music affects you: You naturally adjust your frequency to the energy and vibration of the song so you can be in synch with it and enjoy your dancing even more.


You “get lost in the music” as you become one with the music.


If you were to play a lullaby, your body would re-adjust to match the 60 beats/minute of the music. Your body would start relaxing. Again: everything wants to be in harmony.


Music has the ability to change your vibrational frequency. Your Soul Masterpiece is specifically designed to change your vibrational frequency to align with your unique Destiny.


It may be composed of music that vibrates at 120 beats/minute or 60 beats/minute or some other rhythm. One isn’t better than the other. It’s about what is right for YOU and your Soul Purpose.


The music and the Light Language are powerful catalysts for releasing baggage and dissolving the issues that have been holding you back from being the Master of your Own Destiny. Your Soul Masterpiece goes to the core level of your issues to release the blockages. It opens the way for you to love yourself totally, so that you let go of the damaging familiar old story, move beyond your comfort zone and become your magnificent self.


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

The Specifics:


Once you click the button below to purchase Your Soul Masterpiece, we’ll invite you to send a current picture to us. We use your picture to tap into what your Soul requires to Remember, Heal and Transform.


We will deliver your one-of-a-kind Soul Masterpiece in the form of 3 mp3 files (and 1 jpg file) via dropbox:


● Your Soul Masterpiece (about 8-11 minutes long)

● Your Sacred Sound in Light Language (a shorter piece of music designed to listen to on its own)

● Your Personal Sacred Code (this is a visual representation of the customized high frequency message from the Universe)

● Comments from both of us (we share a little bit with you about your Soul Masterpiece)


Along with these files we will share specific guidelines for how to use your Soul Masterpiece to get the most out of it. Our biggest suggestion is to listen to it repeatedly! The more you listen to it, the more it can catalyze the change and transformation you desire!

Investment: $597



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“Chills ran through every part of me when I saw my Sacred Code and heard the Sacred Sounds. My body compulsively went into a dance upon hearing the music. Such a delight. I feel a reunion of sorts going on."

~ Heidi


“I experience a total expansion and connection to my Soul when listening to my Soul Masterpiece. It is amazing! I printed out the Sacred Codes and put them around my house. They remind me of memories of ancient times. In listening to the music I experience greater peace and joy, as well as more acceptance of who I AM. I feel more empowered to change my life using my own gifts.


The wonderful music channeled along with the Sacred Codes has the potential to skip the filter of our mind and work on our future, past and present in a harmonious way, connecting with our BEING and the mission that we have come to do on Earth in this lifetime. It is a gift that is working on us, even when we are not listening. It has to do with the love that we owe to ourselves to see ourselves with more potentialities and greater greatness united to that great family to which we belong and that we always carry within our heart. Thank you for this great gift. Thank you and bring me more please!”

~ Kepa Aguirre Goitia


“Your music has managed to deeply touch my heart and very gently calm me. As soon as I downloaded my Soul Masterpiece, I listened to it more than 50 times to feel it and live it. I did not expect for you to see so much in me with this music. You really have an unusual gift to make and create beautiful things. THANKS from my heart!”

~ Lise R.

Our Story Of How The Soul Masterpiece Came To Be...


 From Robert: In 1995, during a concert to launch, ‘’The Silent Path,’’ the audience kept asking for encores. So I did something I’d never done before: while sitting at the grand piano I channeled a piece of music that reflected the group consciousness of the 600 people gathered in the theater.


I received a standing ovation. People were so deeply moved they were crying as they clapped. I knew I had tapped into something profound...



Music That Fed A Human Hunger to

Hear (And Thereby Know) Their Soul



I didn’t channel a group piece again for many years. Instead, I began to offer channeled music for

individuals. I called these customized pieces, “Personal Power Music,” and they were intended to support people in stepping into their own power.


One weekend, almost three years ago while touring in Eastern Russia, I created 43 individual pieces of “Personal Power Music.” It was incredibly inspiring and exhausting. But I was committed to sharing my gifts in support of more people stepping into their power.


From Lilly: After a major life transition, during which I left my marriage and career to rediscover my True Self, I started channeling angels,

archangels and Ascended Masters. These Beings wanted to communicate through me in languages that I already knew, such as English, Spanish and German.


Then, a consciousness arrived that told me to get a piece of paper and something to draw with because I wasn’t going to understand

the name. This being introduced himself to me as Prerradusche - the first Pleiadian Guide of many whom I would go on to channel. This was how I channeled my first sacred code.


Later on he asked if I would channel through my voice, but it would not be a language I knew. He said the languages we know are too

limited. They, the Pleiadian Guides, wanted to provide humanity with a language without limitations. This is how I first spoke his name and my first sacred sound.


In bringing the sacred codes and sacred sounds together, we created the Light Language. These high frequency messages are designed

to assist people in Remembering and activating their True Self and Soul Purpose. Thousands of people around the world have already experienced the potency of the Light Language.



From Both of Us: When we first got together we made an agreement that we were not going to work together. But our Souls had another plan for us. Before long, the Music and Light Language were getting together and showing us the synergy they created when combined…

It Was Like an Alchemical Explosion

of Higher and Higher Frequencies,

Magnified Possibilities and

Accelerated Change


We began to offer workshops called, “THE QUANTUM LEAP” (formerly known as The Coxon Effect). These are group experiences, similar to what I (Robert) did that night in 1995, yet even more expansive. These events confirmed the power of our co-creation. From there we began offering Soul Masterpieces to individuals: We saw how customized pieces helped people go even deeper and further in their personal transformation.


By combining our gifts we help people heal, transform and manifest much quicker, easier and with more permanent results. We are committed to helping as many people as we can benefit from their very own Soul Masterpiece.


“Kryon tells us that Robert’s Music and Lilly’s Light language together help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember our Quantum Selves. By remembering who we are, we heal, live longer and manifest new potentials.”


“The first time I listened to my Soul Masterpiece I was very moved. I felt as if I knew this music while also being surprised by it. As I listened to it more, it helped me release my emotional pain and feel more self love. I am more balanced now. I have experienced a lot of changes in my spiritual life in the past six months since receiving my Soul Masterpiece. I continue to release more blocks while increasing my awareness of my unique gifts. It’s a very empowering journey! Thank you, Robert and Lilly. ”

~ Laura Convertini


“My Soul Masterpiece truly does speak to my Soul. I’ve experienced healing on a spiritual level and an increase in my creativity. I am more at peace with myself and confident with my path. I start my day listening to my Soul Masterpiece and it always puts me in a good mood! Thank you!”

~ Diana Lee


“After listening to my Soul Masterpiece many times, all mental processes that made me doubt myself have gone away. I am more confident in my channeling and am more open to new channeling’s, even when I’m not in session with a client. All areas of my life have improved so much from this music. I judge myself less and am more accepting. Listening to my Soul Masterpiece is like hearing an Angel Choir talking to my Soul. Thank you!”

~ Maria Botana



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About The Co-Creators


Robert Haig Coxon: For almost 30 years, Robert Haig Coxon, world renowned composer and artist, has performed concerts around the world to catalyze healing and transformation. His music has been scientifically proven to heal certain ailments, and numerous concert participants have reported miraculous healings.


Robert is Canada’s best-selling Contemporary New Age Artist. His international breakthrough came with his album, The Silent Path (1995), which became an instant hit in Canada, the USA and France. After hearing The Silent Path, Lee Carroll, internationally renowned author of 15 best selling Kryon and Indigo books, contacted Robert and asked him to join his team on tour, which he has for the past 18 years.


Robert offers us nine albums, the latest three being The Infinite: Essence of Life, Goddess: The Power of Woman and Passion Compassion Alegría. When not traveling the world, he spends time in his studio scoring for television (for the past 2 years he’s written the music for “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel) and writing for both his next albums and his international concerts.


Lilly Wong, Creator of The Lilithgram©, The Horusgram© and Soul Movement©, has supported hundreds of people around the world in living their Divine Purpose and creating True Wealth. This allows them to maximize their impact in the world by being their True Self.


In her early 30’s, Lilly appeared to “have it all” - marriage and a prosperous career. Yet a panic attack woke her up to realizing something profound was missing from her life: her own True Self. So she left it all behind to go within and rediscover her unique Divine Expression. Now, as a channel, Lilly downloads ground-breaking tools that activate and integrate High Universal Frequencies. These leading edge energies assist Ascension and the co-creation of a new world.


She has shared the stage with other great leaders such as Lee Carroll, Ingrid Auer, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Peggy Dubro and her partner, Robert Haig Coxon. Lilly loves traveling the world, catalyzing evolution, dancing, singing and hugging trees everywhere she goes.

We would be honored to create a customized Soul Masterpiece for you. We are here to contribute to you,to support you in living your Divine Destiny. Together, we are co-creating a New Reality of more consciousness and possibility on this Planet.


Examples of Personal Sacred Codes:

Examples of Soul Masterpieces, Personal Sacred Codes and Sacred Sounds. Enjoy!

All songs from ROBERT'S last 2 CDs are SOUL MASTERPIECES ... ENJOY!