Cristal Silence I, II and III

Cristal Silence I - THE SILENCE WITHIN Soothing melodies to help relax the body and remove emotional blockages. It is considered a classic among Massage Therapists.

Cristal Silence II - BEYOND DREAMING Takes the listener progressively deeper, into that sacred space where all things are possible. A powerful tool for accessing true self-confidence.

Cristal Silence III - THE INNEN VOYAGE A Voyage into the realms of total balance, alignment and harmony.

THE SILENCE WITHIN : Cristal Silence I "This first of the Coxon Crystal Silence trilogy pries open the doors of perception and carries the listener into the everlasting arms of pure consciousness."Joe Fisher, author of The Case for Reincarnation and Life Between Life

BEYOND DREAMING: Cristal Silence II "Coxon's creations have an inherent capacity to transport the listener to a world that instills a tremendous harmony..."   

David Bag by, music critic

THE INNER VOYAGE: Cristal Silence III "Coxon's warm synthesizer textures and graceful melodies create an optimum setting for relaxation and contemplation. With The Inner Voyage, he shares his most mature and reflective compositions so far."

Paul Toutant - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation