July 16th - The Coxon Experience in Berkeley Springs


10:00AM to 14:00PM

Berkeley Springs


THREE workshops...

THREE different intentions...

THREE distinctly powerful experiences...

with Robert Haig Coxon and Lilly Wong

  • “Quantum Healing”
  • “Wisdom of Longevity”
  • "Power of Manifestation"


Using Sacred Codes, Light Language & continuous channeled music!!



More than ever we are struggling physically, mentally and emotionally by not being in tune with our multi-dimensionality – with our own Sacred frequency.

Kryon tells us that Robert’s music and Lilly’s Light language together help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember our Quantum Selves.

By remembering who we are, we heal, live longer and manifest new potentials.Robert combines his newest powerful sounds – “The Coxon Effect” – with Sacred Codes, Light Language and continuous channeled music and… the portals open! Connect with your Akash, your DNA, other constellations and dimensions.

Travel through time and space as your heart becomes one with the energy of Universal LOVE. You are welcome to attend one or both of these amazing workshops.


WORKSHOP 1: “Quantum Healing” |

The music begins… the portals open:

  • Cleanse, purify and reléase
  • Balance and harmonize
  • Transform to Divine Perfection


To enhance the experience we use these Pleiadian Sacred Codes

Series 1, Series 2, Series 4: Organs and parts of the Body Series 3: Chakra System


WORKSHOP 2: “Wisdom of Longevity” |

The music begins… see beyond the veil:


  • Connect with your cosmic origins
  • Remember your Divine purpose
  • Experience the Elixir of life
To enhance the experience we use these Pleiadian Sacred Codes:
Series 5: Systems of the Body Series 6: Meridians Series 7: Constellations of Origin Series 8: Intraterenal Cities

WHORKSHOP 3: Power of Manifestation |

Duration: 1 hour

The Music Begins… Travel through Time and Space:

  • Become one with Mother Earth and the Universe.
  • Remember hidden levels of your quantum self.
  • Manifest your potential in the now.


To enhance the experience we use Pleiadian Sacred Codes: Series 9 - DNA Layers, Series 10 - Elohiems & Ethereal Crystals, Series 11 - Subtle bodies and Series 12 - Dimensions.