Your Body a Symphony of Life! The art of Soul Healing

Your cells are like the musicians in a symphonic orchestra while your consciousness is the Conductor.


You can give permission and direction to each cell to play in tune with the other cells and to be in harmony with the whole body and the Universe, creating your beautiful Symphony of Life. We are often struggling on many levels… physical, mental and emotional because we are not in tune with our Sacred Geometry.


Music helps to restructure our energy patterns and fine-tune the DNA of each cell so that we can reconnect with our Divine pattern. In this workshop Robert Coxon combines special channeled music with Sacred Geometry and Sacred Codes channeled by Lilly Wong to: - Experience the three levels of healing. - Tune each cell to the frequency of Love. - Become Master of your Symphony of Life. Harmonize your body and mind with your Sacred Geometry.


Remember your Divine perfection. Let the violins open your heart, the oboe erase your fears… Be in harmony with your Sacred Self and walk the Path as the Master!