Passion Compassion Alegria

Passion, Compassion, Alegría Reconnect with the frequency of Love through passion for life, compassion towards self and the joy of simply being. Piano with touches of violin, double bass and percussion.

‘’Through passion for life, compassion towards self and the joy of simply being, one reconnects with the frequency of Love.’’

Robert Haig Coxon

"In this beautiful music, Robert shares with us the presence of the Divine expressed in the world - our heart opens and we feel a personal relationship with Divine Love, compassion and joy.’"

Miranda Gray, Author, Originator of

"‘It is a fact of science that music can reverse the damaging effects of chronic stress derived from living in today's high-pressure world. Passion, Compassion, Alegria, a compilation of serene “sound” portraits by accomplished composer and master pianist Robert Coxon, is a powerful prescription to enhance your health, fill your heart, and reignite your passion for life. Coxon’s beautiful soul soothing music heals mind and body, while letting your spirit fly to the heavens.’’ 

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell biologist and bestselling author


"At one point, I really desired happiness in life. Then pieces started coming through that were joyful, but… I still wasn’t happy. What I really needed was to also renew my passion for life and compassion for myself… to go out and enjoy life because I deserve it. With passion, compassion and alegría I found a Universal Formula for experiencing love. This Formula I now offer you from the heart of my music."


Robert Haig Coxon