Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity Helps the listener to clear the mind of mental clutter. This enables a very deep state of meditation and focus, unlocking the true Creative Power that exists in all of us.

For optimal use of this CD, our suggestion is to meditate using track #1 the first week, track #2 the second, and then continue with track #3. The third cut alternates between short melodic pieces that help relax the body and the Mental Clarity sound that helps clear the mind. As one listens, one becomes progressively more relaxed, accompanied by less and less mental chatter. 

"Mental Clarity uses the notes of the open fifth (Do - Sol) and does not sound like a major or minor chord since the Mi or third of it’s scale is missing. "

"The harmonics that this sound is based on were used by the Greogorian's Monks to create "Real Magic"........without relying on a priest to connect with God, with the Universe."   

"Often as I work, I will play Mental Clarity very softly in the background. The energy seems to change and I become more focused."

"I truly believe that this sound can help the listener get to that level of consciousness where they are able create real magic in their lives."   

Robert Haig Coxon